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Welcome to the online design center of BFG International. BFG is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of a wide and diversified range of composite products.

BFG's long experience in the field has allowed it to develop a wealth of knowledge in the areas of design, manufacture and site installation, as well as international contract execution. This accumulated experience allows BFG to provide a total service at optimum cost effectiveness.

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To ensure that the latest manufacturing techniques are implemented and the highest levels of quality maintained, BFG employs the service of leading consultants and designers from around the world in addition to the company's own highly experienced technical team which is available worldwide for on-the-spot consultations.

BFG specializes in the design and production of fiber reinforced polyester (FRP) and other composite moldings to a designer's specifications virtually without restraint with regard to finish, color and shape.

Made by BFG


Having pioneered major improvements in material engineering and durability, color retention, fire retarding characteristics and industrial monitoring techniques, BFG has increased the number of critical and environmental applications in which composites are now being used. Because of this, BFG is internationally reputed as a pioneering and leading manufacturer of high quality FRP custom moldings.

  • Material specification
  • Engineering specifications
  • Quality assurance standards
  • Research & development
  • Project planning
  • Design data acquisition
  • On-site installations & assemblies
  • Concept design
  • Structural design & analysis
  • Pattern & mold design
  • Product design
  • Pattern & mold building
  • Product molding
  • Product assembly
  • Raw material quality
  • Fabricated product quality
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