Midland Main Line, UK

Project: Midland Main Line
Train Sets: 100
Components: Universal and standard toilet cabins
Operator: Various
Train Builder: Bombardier Transportation
Handover: 2002-2004

The Midland Main Line is a major railway line in England with 35 stops between London and Sheffield. Various operators run services along different sections of the route.

As part of its strategic supplier partnership with Bombardier Transportation, BFG built 100 standard and 100 universal toilet cabins for these trains. The fully integrated cabins comprise polyethylene freshwater tanks, compact vacuum toilet systems, straight or curved automatic door systems, and amenities such as baby changing tables.

The use of BFG’s patented phenolic material for the toilet cabins gives them superior a strength-to-weight ratio, while the gel coat finish adds durability. The RVAR compliant toilet cabins pass BS 6853 Cat 1B fire safety regulations.