Regiolis, France

Project: PP Regiolis
Train Sets: 288
Components: Front End and interiors
Operator: SNCF
Train Builder: Alstom
Handover: 2014-2022

The Régiolis is a generation electric trains built by Alstom from family Coradia. The SNCF and the regions have now ordered 288 items for relations TER. The first train is presented in 2013 in Aquitaine, and the first commissioning took place in April, 2014 on the TER Aquitaine network.

This Train has front end with 13 different segment which forms aesthetic shape. Cab is completely sealed from inside using metal parts. This new concept of front end is easy for maintenance. All the panels can be removed independently and easily so the can be replaced on the line itself.
FRP panels posses painted finish complying to French norm.