TALENT 2 - Deutsche Bahn, Germany

Project: Talent 2
Train Sets: 571
Components: Toilet cabins
Operator: Deutsche Bahn Regio
Train Builder: Bombardier Transportation
Handover: 2006-2018

TALENT 2 is a multiple unit railcar manufactured by Bombardier Transportation characterised by its flexible configuration of two to six cars. It first entered service in 2008 with Deutsche Bahn Regio in Germany.

As part of its strategic partnership agreement with Bombardier Transportation, BFG International produced integrated toilet cabins for these trains. The toilet cabins comprise internal polyethylene freshwater and wastewater tanks, a 250-litre grey water system, and EVAC vacuum toilets.

Nearly 60 types of Phencore panels were developed for this project. Phencore, an advanced sandwich composite invented and trademarked by BFG takes the form of a robust phenolic skinned panel with a honeycomb Nomex core, and delivers high levels of flame resistance – and significant weight benefits – in a flexible, customisable form. All cabin interiors are finished with an anti-graffiti coating system and are compliant with EN 45545 fire safety regulations.