Train Tram New Generation, France

Project: TTNG France
Train Sets: 15
Components: Interiors
Operator: Various city Tram Operator in France
Train Builder: Alstom
Handover: 2015-2016

To respond to the needs of passengers and public transport authorities for seamless mobility, Alstom designed tram-train, Citadis Dualis. It can travel on conventional rail networks – generally in the suburbs of large cities - at speeds up to 100 km/h with stations spaced up to 5 km apart, before transitioning to a city centre environment on tramway tracks, with lower service speed and shorter inter-station distances. No need to change from a railway terminus to a tramway: the journey is uninterrupted.

BFG has partnerd with Alstom in design and supply of complete interiors of this train. FRP panel are produced using RTM process complying to French norms.