Z-TER, France

Project: Z-TER
Train Sets: 57
Components: 144 universal toilet cabins with door systems
Operator: SNCF
Train Builder: Alstom
Handover: 2001-2003

‚ÄčThe Z-TER (Z 21500) is an electric multiple unit (EMU) regional passenger train which serves the Pays de la Loire, Centre, Aquitaine, and Bretagne regions in France. It is operated by SNCF and was manufactured by Alstom and Bombardier Transportation.

As part of its strategic supplier relationship with Alstom and Bombardier Transportation, BFG produced 144 universal toilet cabins at BFG Bahrain. The polyester gel coated toilet cabins had manual curved door systems and comprised a polyethylene fresh water tank and compact vacuum toilet system. The panels, which were produced using a hand lamination process, comply with the NF F 16-101 fire safety regulations. The toilet cabins comply with UIC specifications.