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BFG North America

Originally formed as joint venture company, BFG USA became a full subsidiary of BFG in 2013. Today, the business is dedicated to providing a one-stop composite solution, from design and engineering through to environmentally-friendly manufacturing, using cutting-edge technology to achieve the highest standards of quality and precision.

Based in a 3500 square metre facility in the city of Plattsburg in upstate New York, the team at BFG USA fabricate advanced composites for the transportation market in the Americas, including components for buses, train interiors and train front-ends. It also serves the leisure sector, producing complex parts for water parks.

Specialist processes

The production facility at BFG USA is fitted with specialist equipment for a comprehensive range of composite production processes, including glass cutting and kitting, moulding, curing, multi-colour gel coating, resin batching and blending and gelcoat colour blending.

BFG USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of BFG International.


  • Open Contact Moulding
  • Resin Transfer Moulding
  • Painting
  • Gel Coating
  • Systems Integration and Assembly
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BFG International USA Inc
29 Distribution Way, Suite 101
New York 12901
United States
Tel +1 518 324 3838
Fax +1 518 324 5530
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