Composites in Wind Energy

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BFG is one of the wind industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable composites design and manufacturing partner. Our integrated network of factories across the globe, offers wind turbine manufacturers a cost-effective and flexible solutions for Nacelle Enclosure, Spinners and Wind Farms Site Parts.

BFG International total business solution is built on more than 43 years of experience. This includes excellent design capability, cost competitive manufacturing sites, dedicated field repair and maintenance service company for composite components.

At BFG, we deliver the full life cycle of services conceptualization, modeling, iterative design development, materials and product development, testing, sampling, prototyping and product serial manufacturing.

BFG is actively involved with many manufacturers of products for solar energy and electric vehicles. To learn more, download the Case Studies under Resources below.

Nacelle – a housing to protect the electrical and mechanical equipment from the environment. The early nacelles where wood which have other issues and did not prove durable enough, they required annual maintenance and did not hold up to extreme weather events. The next generation where made of Galvanized sheet metal nut theses did not last as the corrosion continued to plague the nacelle and stray currents resulted In the nacelle not reaching the 20 year life expectancy. They are LOUD in a rain storm or worse Hail.

Vestas was the pioneer to introduce the Composite Nacelle, the early designs had to be repair and refitted as the differential explanation was not correct accounted for. One these issues were resolved and durable Gelcoats with good UV resistance were used and now the Composite Nacelle is the standard.

Spinners – also caller rotor covers, deflectors, hubs or hub covers are protective surfaces and aerodynamic cones that house the connecting elements of the Blades to the low speed shaft which transmit the energy of the wind to the dynamo. Inside the spinner is also the pick control where the angle of attack to the wind can be optimized depending on the current electrical demand and wind speed. The spinner has other attributes which are the accelerometer to detect id the blades are out of balance and to identify the location and magnitude.

The weights of these components are critical to determining the center of gravity the degree of imbalance and the weights also effect the cranes ability to lift the loads. Today the nacelles are 80 to 140m above the ground or sea. The next generation will be almost 200 meters above the sea. And access to performing maintenance with be difficult. Todays, Nacelles are the most durable make up to date and they are still improving.

Today BFG produces Nacelles and spinners for Siemens Gamesa, General Electric, Hitachi, Nordex and Leitwind.

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