Wind Turbine Nacelles

The Nacelle Cover is mounted on the bed plate of the turbine, it protects generator, gearbox and control system components. This makes the Nacelle Cover crucial part the protect wind turbine.

BFG International offers:

Exceptional Design Capability

BFG International is working as a design partner with the largest OEMs for the onshore and offshore Wind Energy industry. The highly skilled engineers at BFG are familiar with high standards set by industry (GL Guidelines) and OEMs design parameters (structural strength, weight reduction, fire resistance, computer simulation and quality control). Great experience in modularized to containerize designs and scalable nacelle covers.

Strong efficient Global Supply Chain

BFG has successfully manufactured and supplied Nacelle Covers that contribute to protect wind turbine that power more than 55,000 MW in different geographical regions.

What makes BFG different is the business model flexibility, that ensure reliable supply to our customers production line. The flexibility urges from capitalizing on BFG global foot print and strong partnership network.

Wind turbine nacelles

Cost Competitive Manufacturing Site

BFG International manufacturing sites at China, Philippines and India gives BFG a competitive edge to support the OEMs to response to increasing demand to lower the cost of energy.

Summary of BFG International’s factory capabilities for nacelle manufacturing:

  • Plugs & Moulds fabrication
  • 3-D CAD/CAM modelling
  • Design and engineering consultation
  • Prototype development
  • Vacuum Infusion Moulding
  • Light Resin Transfer Moulding
  • Open Moulding (Hand Layup, Sprayup)
  • Composite tooling manufacture
  • Prototype development
  • Jigs and fixtures design and fabrication
  • Bonding and assembly
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