Building Envelopes and Facades

Composites bring considerable benefits to architecture and are gaining momentum in high-profile commercial and residential building applications. At 20 percent of the weight of stone or concrete cladding, a composite exterior can significantly reduce building dead load, which translates to a smaller foundation, smaller crane requirements, and more manageable seismic design.

Innovative, lightweight composite cladding not only creates cost savings through the entire project, but also offers design flexibility that feeds an architect’s creativity—unusual forms that are not feasible with traditional materials can be easily fabricated from composites.

GRP cladding for a 63 story tower in Riyadh, KSA.

Over 3700 Bespoke Panels ranging from 8 to 14 meter Spans.

Building facades and envelopes

BFG International has been a key contractor in some of the world’s most iconic buildings and structures, including Basra Sports City, Iraq, and KAFD World Trade Centre, Saudi Arabia, where FRP ‘skin’ was used to add bold and dynamic expression to the buildings.

BFG International can help you:

  • Reduce overall project costs
  • Achieve quicker construction due to prefabricated parts and parts consolidation
  • Eliminate most secondary aluminium framing and mechanical fasteners
  • Create designs that are impossible or impractical with traditional materials
  • Improve thermal performance and energy efficiency due to integrated insulation and reduced aluminium and glazed façades
  • Meet building code requirements
  • Achieve LEED (green building) certification
  • Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs due to material durability and weather resistance
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