Glass fibres have been used as reinforcements for centuries and are still in use today in aircraft parts, automobile bodies, recreational boats, and numerous other consumer products

E-glass fibres are the most common type of glass fibres used in composites today due to their good strength properties and low cost. They were originally used when strength and high electrical resistivity were required, and are still used in various electrical devices, although their electrical properties have little importance in most composite applications.


  • Cheapest option for reinforcements
  • Good strength properties
  • High electrical resistivity


  • Composite applications
  • Transportation
  • Electrical / Electronics
  • Building construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Aerospace / Defence
  • Medical Products
Techinical details *
Density2.5 g/cc
Tensile strength500 ksi
Tensile Modulus10 Msi
Elongation to Break4.9%

* standard modulus

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