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FRP Handles

As a leading innovator in composites technology, BFG International pays attention to the smallest details of a project, including handles. BFG developed a hollow product which gives you all the benefits of composites such as the ability to form into repetitive moulded 3D complex shapes, non-corrosive & durable product by nature plus a good insulators of heat, which means they are always comfortable to the touch. Light weight yet very stiff the product offers significant advantages in applications where weight considerations are important. BFG International holds a US Patent for this Innovative development.

FRP Handles

The handles are available finished from our factory in an almost limitless combination of dimensions, shades and designs, and fabricated to match your preferred design treatment and colour scheme. Lightweight hollow composite hand rails and guard rails are also available.


  • Hollow design makes them extremely lightweight
  • Strong
  • Long lasting
  • Good heat insulators, so always comfortable to the touch
  • Available in any size, design, colour, or finish
  • Economical


  • Door handles for rail WC cabins
  • Assistance rails for disabled WC
  • Railings for staircases

BFG International has supplied these innovative next-generation door handles and built handicap-assist hand rails for rail projects for some of the industry’s largest OEMs.

Contact us to find out how BFG International’s FRP handles can help you in your next project.
Ballistic certified composites
Ballistic certified composites

As transport networks focus on developing ever faster trains, BFG International is focusing on ever greater protection for drivers and passengers. BFG’s latest pioneering aramid/phenolic reinforced composites are among the most durable and impact resistant available anywhere in the world – and are ideally suited to the next generation of train front ends.

High strength with low unit weight
Why Composites
High strength with low unit weight

FRP materials are one of the strongest commercial materials available. Pound for pound, FRP is stronger in many ways than conventional construction materials. FRP’s toughness allows thin sections to be used; stiffness can be acquired by using structural core materials, without substantially increasing weight.