Light Weight & Cantilever Suspended Ceilings

BFG International leverages the light weight, high strength, and superior characteristics of composites to build innovative next generation suspended ceilings which offer unsurpassed design creativity and free the architect’s imagination. For example, the steeply inclined roof at ESIEE graduate engineering school in Paris was made possible by BFG International’s composite suspended ceilings.

In addition, composites suspended ceilings offer an incomparable combination of desirable properties, including shatterproof toughness, rigidity, durability, and low thermal expansion. Composites can be used to produce sound-absorbing ceilings, and may also be used in applications where there are demands on low particle emission and where occasional wet wiping or disinfection is required, such as laboratories, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. Their low thermal conductivity helps to maintain the indoor air temperature, creating a more environmentally friendly building.

BFG International has been a key contractor in some of the world’s most iconic buildings and structures.

We can help you:

  • Install natural looking roofs in finishes like slate, terracotta tile, stone, and wood
  • Improve thermal performance and energy efficiency due to integrated insulation
  • Meet building code requirements
  • Achieve LEED (green building) certification
  • Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs due to material durability and weather resistance
Contact us to learn how composites can be a superior and cost effective solution for your next residential or commercial project.