Glass fibres have been used as reinforcements for centuries and are still in use today in aircraft parts, automobile bodies, recreational boats, and numerous other consumer products.

S-Glass is approximately 35% higher in strength than E-Glass and has better retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. It also offers about one-third higher tensile strength (at a higher cost) than that of E-glass. It is the preferred choice when glass fibres are used as the reinforcement rather than carbon or aramid reinforcements.


  • High strength properties at elevated temperatures
  • High tensile strength


  • More expensive than E-glass


  • Composite applications
  • Transportation
  • Electrical / Electronics
  • Building construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Aerospace / Defence
  • Medical Products
Techinical details *
Density2.5 g/cc
Tensile strength665 ksi
Tensile Modulus12 Msi
Elongation to Break5.7%

* standard modulus

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