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Ilium Composites

Ilium Composites is a world leading innovator and manufacturer of fibreglass reinforcement. Created in 2010 and based in a custom-built 10,000 sq m facility in Bahrain International Investment Park, the company manufactures and distributes a range of ultra high quality fibreglass reinforcement products using a unique process technology protected by patent.

Every year Ilium Composites produces over 15,000 tons of composite reinforcement for customers serving the transportation, construction, recreation and alternative energy sectors across the Middle East, Americas, Europe and Asia. Today, Ilium’s core product offering spans reinforcements for Closed Mould (RTM, Light-RTM and Press) and Pultrusion processes.

Innovation in fibreglass reinforcements

Innovation is at the heart of Ilium’s approach. Using state-of-the-art technology and quality control, the business is constantly developing new solutions to stay ahead. Ilium’s innovations have led to improvements in resin flow and surface finish, delivering the highest levels of finished product performance.

Ilium Composites is a wholly owned subsidiary of BFG International.

Contact Ilium Composites
Ilium Composites WLL
PO Box 26385
Building 1400, Road 1518
Block 115, Hidd
Bahrain International Investment Park
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel +973 17165200
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