Integrated Sanitary Cabins

Toilet modules is the most complex sub-assemblies in the train with highly complex component and maintenance requirements. Our experts manage all stages from design and engineering through procurement and assembly to deliver true plug and play, fully integrated toilet cabins. BFG is the world’s leading supplier of toilet cabins.


MODELS Designed & Built


INTEGRATED TOILET CABINS Manufactured and Supplied

Integrated sanitary cabin assembly may include:

  • FRP Toilet cabin with standard fittings and accessories
  • Vacuum toilet system
  • Grey water system
  • Automatic door (curved and strait)
  • Fresh water tank and tank frame
  • Waste water tank and tank frame (cabin side as well as under carriage)
  • Complete Plumbing and electricals

Cabins can be supplied as a complete integrated units or modular sub-assemblies based on the size and assembly requirements in the train.

BFG can design and supply cabins in accordance with UIC, TSI, RVAR and other international applicable codes. Cabins and internal fittings can also be custom designed based on customers specific requirements.

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