Structural Domes and Long Span Structural Roof systems

BFG International's eye catching FRP domes are the crowning glory of some landmark structures across the globe, including the historic Al Fateh mosque in Bahrain and the Istighfar mosque in Singapore.

FRP composites are a structurally superior and cost-effective material for decorative elements such as domes, cupolas, half domes, and onion domes, since the durability and longevity of composites far exceeds the life expectancy of domes manufactured from steel, aluminium, copper, wood, and other commonly used materials. Our FRP domes are flame resistant, can stand up to weather extremes, and are resistant to rot, rust and corrosion. At around 6mm thick, FRP domes are also much lighter and do not usually require internal support structures. New construction projects can be engineered with far less roof structures when supporting composite domes.

BFG has built Hundreds of Domes around the world varying in shape, size, and finishes
Domes and cupolas

Composites offer design flexibility and can be moulded into complex shapes such as curved, corrugated, ribbed, or contoured in a variety of ways with varying thickness. Decorative details, mouldings, columns, and brackets can be added. BFG can also supply a variety of different natural finishes that mimic traditional materials such as terracotta, marble, granite, stone, wood, and even gold, copper, and chrome.

The domes are assembled in our facility and sometimes shipped as one unit. Larger domes are pre-assembled, numbered, and labelled in our facility, to facilitate installation at the jobsite. After the fiberglass cupola is assembled it can be lifted with a crane as one unit.

Long Span Structural Roof systems

Avenues Mall Decorative Long Span Suspended Roof Structures (Kuwait)

BFG International can help you:

  • Create designs that are impossible or impractical with traditional materials
  • Create natural finishes such as stone or marble at a fraction of the cost and increased durability
  • Eliminate internal support structures
  • Reduce overall project costs
  • Achieve quicker construction due to prefabricated parts and parts consolidation
  • Improve thermal performance and energy efficiency due to integrated insulation
  • Meet building code requirements
  • Achieve LEED (green building) certification
  • Reduce cleaning maintenance costs due to material durability and weather resistance
Contact one of our project experts to see how our FRP domes can elevate your next project.