Volvo Buses India Pvt. Ltd.

Project: Buses
Components: Front ends, rear ends, front bumpers, rear bumpers, engine hatch
Client: Volvo
Contract period: 2012 to present

‚ÄčBFG International has a been strategic supplier for Volvo Buses India Pvt. Ltd. since 2012, producing high performance GRP parts for over 800 buses to date at its facility in India. Four different types of panels are manufactured, including engine hatch, front and rear panels and integrated front and rear bumpers. A hand lamination process is used, and the parts are gelcoated and finished with a primer.

The integration and assembly of metal parts with FRP panels just 3mm thick poses a unique set of challenges, which BFG engineers address with the use of suitable jigs and fixtures. Composites parts offer a superior strength-to-weight ratio, which improves the performance and safety rating of the vehicles.