‚ÄčNew, portable, innovative and fun, the Matrix is ready to go anywhere, any time!

Portable boat for family fun and it will fit in your car. Matrix boats are produced by Voyager Marine under license from the Akashi Yacht Company, Japan

  • Just pop the light weight modules on top of the car or pack them in the trunk next to the picnic basket, and you're off, heading to the sea, lake or river for fishing over reefs, exploring isolated inlets or just casual boating fun.
  • Once you reach your destination, assembly of the interlocking fiberglass modules takes less than 5 minutes. Each individual module is perfectly balanced to float as an independent unit, and they are so lightweight, even the children can help in the assembly.
  • The Matrix loves fun! But when there is work to do, it has an appreciable practical side, offering safe, convenient solutions for a number of boating applications as a small tender, stored easily in yachts, as a lifeboat or as a dingy for shallow water access.

Overall Length4.20 m13' 9"
Beam1.60 m5' 3"
Draft0.30 m11"
Dry Weight (w/o engine)225 kgs.495 lbs.
Minimum Recommended Power18 kW25 HP