All-weather marine patrol and strike craft

Voyager Marine has developed All-Weather Patrol and Strike Craft for military applications, the PCH 3500 and the VIPER 330 SCM.

  • The PCH 3500 All-Weather Patrol Craft is a multi-mission vessel with fore and aft gun mounts capable of harbor patrol, interdiction and transit operations in virtually all weather conditions. The vessel, with an overall length of 36 feet and a 10-foot beam, can perform at a top speed of 40 knots.
  • The crew is able to stay on station at length due to the built in living conditions onboard consisting of a stand-up bathroom with shower, galley, refrigerator and air-conditioning with electrical power supplied by a 4.8 KVA or 6 KVA generator set.
  • The construction of the vessel is to military specifications and includes an advanced laminate hull, all 316L grade stainless steel fittings, a 2.5 inch heavy duty rubber rub rail, a 2.5 inch 316 stainless engine guard and a twin 4000 gallon per hour bilge pump system backed up with another 2000 gallon per hour bilge system forward.  The PCH 3500 may be powered by twin 250 H.P. MERCURY Marine Outboard engines.
  • The VIPER 330 SCM is constructed as a high-speed military fast strike and patrol craft designed to perform in all weather conditions.
  • The VIPER 330 SCM hull was designed to provide not only the best operating performance, but also to provide great stability at all running speeds. The advanced ventilated twin-step hull completely eliminates high speed proposing or chine walk, defects that are commonly found in traditional style small and medium sized powerboat hulls.
  • The VIPER 330 SCM can carry a complement of 4 crew inside a fully enclosed cabin and has the option to seat 2 additional crew outside, forward of the center cabin. The crew seats are designed to either fold-up to form comfortable leaning posts, or drop-down to provide full support seating.
  • The cabin may be air-conditioned. A separate toilet/shower compartment is easily accessible from within the cabin. This facility provides maximum comfort to the crew in clement weather conditions.
  • With a matte gray finish, the VIPER 330 SCM is an ideal craft for military patrols and fast strike operations. The anti-glare finish resists tell-tail reflections from spotlights or flashlights.
  • Fore and aft tripod weapons mounts allow for a variety of weapons to be used depending on the situation and combat load. Ready service ammunition cells are provided forward and aft.
  • The standard fuel capacity of 270 US gallons of the VIPER 330 SCM allows an extended operating range. Top running speed is in excess of 60+ knots based on 2 x 250 HP MERCURY outboard engines.
  • Performance at the optional power of 2 x 300 HP MERCURY engines is in excess of 65 knots.