A-Ter Reginal Trains, France

Project: A-Ter Reginal Trains
Train Sets: 250
Components: Universal Toilet cabins
Operator: SNCF
Train Builder: Alstom Reichshoffen
Handover: 2000-2003

The vehicles are part of the Franche-Comté fleet of 20 A TERs delivered between July 2001 and December 2003 by Alstom Transport Reichshoffen. 331 A TER - X73500 vehicles, combining modernity, modularity, safety and comfort, are currently operating on French regional lines..

Toilet cabins for these trains were initially being produced at Alstom Germany. Alstom decided to subcontract the complete toilet cabin assembly. BFG was selected to supply complete assembled toilet cabins. Vacuum toilet was supplied by SEMCO Denmark.

This was the first project for BFG in Rail Industry. BFG successfully completed the project which opened the door for BFG in the Rail Industry.