Adelaide Metro, Australia

Project: Adelaide Metro, Australia
Train Sets: 22
Components: Interiors and front ends
Operator: Adelaide Metro
Train Builder: Bombardier Transportation
Handover: 2012-2015

The Adelaide Metro is an integrated bus, tram, and train network serving Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. Bombardier Transportation was commissioned to produce 22 A-City Class 4000 electric multiple unit trains with 3 cars each for the Adelaide Metro train network.

As part of its strategic supplier partnership with Bombardier Transportation, BFG produced front ends and interiors for these trains at XXX and delivered them via to Bombardier’s facility at Dandenong for final assembly. The fully integrated impact-resistant front ends enjoyed the high performance from BFG’s patented phenolic material. In addition to standard TTP testing relevant for FST for phenolic samples and structural testing, the parts also underwent ballistic tests to ensure compliance with the client’s requirements.

65 types of interior panels were developed for the project, including driver desks, camera covers, end wall lockers, hood panels, door pillars, and PID assembly. The parts, produced using a hand lamination process, comply with BS 476 Part 7 and BS 6853 Annex D.8.4 fire safety requirements. All parts were finished using PPG paint system.