AGC, France

Project: Autorail à grande capacité (AGC)
Train Sets: 165 cars
Components: Interior panels
Operator: SNCF
Train Builder: Bombardier Transportation
Handover: 2007-2012

The Autorail à Grande Capacité (AGC), which means “high-capacity rail car”, is a category of multiple unit train built by Bombardier Transportation for the French national rail operator, SNCF.

As part of its strategic supplier partnership with Bombardier Transportation, BFG produced high performance FRP interior panels for these trains at XXXX. Over 50 types of panels were developed, including door pillar panels, bogie box, and floor panels.

The floor bonding systems and the corridor panels posed a significant challenge in this project, which BFG addressed by building an exact replica of the train interiors to understand and resolve functional issues. A combination of resin transfer moulding (RTM) and hand lamination processes were deployed to produce the parts, which all comply with NF F 16-101 fire safety specifications.