China Railways CRH3

Project: China Railways CRH3
Train Sets: 110
Components: Toilet Cabins
Operator: Chinese Ministry of Railways- Beijing Railway Bureau
Train Builder: Siemens, Changchun Railway Vehicles, Tangshan Railway Vehicles
Handover: 2009-2015

​The CRH3 is a variant of the Siemens Velaro high-speed train used in China on the Beijing–Tianjin Intercity Railway line. Since 2009 it has been manufactured in China by Tangshan Railway Vehicles and Changchun Railway Vehicles, with Siemens acting as a component supplier.

BFG International produced integrated toilet cabins for these trains at BFG China Facility. In addition to universal cabins, two types of Western toilet cabins were produced as well as 3 types of shower rooms.

All parts, produced using a hand lamination process, comply with TB/T3237:2010 and DIN5510 fire and safety regulations. The under fairings comply with T3138:2010 regulations.