Civia III, Spain

Project: Civia III
Train Sets: 145
Components: Door pillars, front end, gangway ends, corner shelves, window panels
Operator: RENFE Cercanías
Train Builder: Alstom Transport
Handover: 2008-2011

Civia is a class of electric multiple unit trains built for the RENFE Cercanías commuter rail networks which cover Spain’s major metropolitan areas. Their modular design makes them ideal for rapid and mass transport on urban and suburban lines.

Alstom was one of a consortium of train builders commissioned to build the first generation of Civia trains in 2002. In 2006 Alstom received an order for 40 third-generation trains, known as Civia III.

BFG, as part of its strategic supplier partnership with Alstom, provided interior panels and train front ends. All parts were manufactured using a hand lamination process at BFG’s facility in Bahrain. The front ends comply with NF F 16-101 fire safety regulations, and all interiors parts meet UNE 23-727 and F3 requirements, as per NF F 16-101 standards.