KZ4AT & KZ8A, Kazakhstan

Project: KZ4 & KZ8A
Train Sets: 90
Components: Driver cabs (Driver desk, cab covers), front fairings, roof fairings
Operator: Kazakhstan Temir Zholy
Train Builder: Alstom Transportation
Handover: 2013-2015

KZ4AT is a passenger locomotive jointly developed by Alstom and Transmasholding and delivered to Kazakh Termir Zholy (KTZ), the national railway company of Kazakhstan, in 2015. It runs at up to 200 km/h and can operate under extreme weather conditions ranging from

KZ8A is a broad gauge electric freight locomotive developed by Alstom for KTZ. It is among the most powerful in the world, capable of hauling 9000 tonne freight trains at a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

As part of its strategic supplier relationship with Alstom, BFG produced 90 kits of DRP front fairings and roof fairings, using a vacuum infusion process, which complied with NF F 16-101 fire safety regulations. BFG also produced driver cabs, comprising driver desks and cab covers for these locomotives, using a contact moulding process. The driver desks and cab covers were fully compliant with NF F 16-101 and GHOST fire safety regulations. All parts were produced at BFG’s French facilities, NOMA Composites and ATMC Industrie.