Train 18 ICF Chennai, India

Project: Train 18
Train Sets: 2 (24 Cars)
Components: Train Interiors, Toilet cabins, Cab Interior and Front end
Operator: Indian Railways
Train Builder: ICF
Handover: 2018-19

Train 18 is completely new concept for Indian Railways. This train is developed based on EMU concept which does not require additional locomotives. Train 18 will replace all existing Shatabdi Trains which runs between various major cities across India. This train is designed to run at 160km/h with maximum speed of 180 Km/h. This is first modern train developed by ICF under “Make in India” initiative.

ICF conceived an idea of developing world class train and partnered with various system suppliers for development activities. BFG was selected for design, supply and installation of complete train interiors, toilet cabin and front end. Complete design, manufacturing and installation is done by BFG in record 10 months.

In all, 329 types of FRP panels were manufactured for complete train. To achieve aesthetic criteria set for the project, panel with multiple colour were produced and assembled.