Stockholm Commuter Rail

Project: X61 Coradia Nordic
Train Sets: 49
Components: 72 toilet cabins
Operator: Skånetrafiken
Train Builder: Alstom
Handover: 2009-2011

The Coradia Nordic is an inter-city and regional electric multiple unit (EMU) from the Coradia family of trains manufactured by Alstom, built to withstand rigorous Scandinavian winters, operating at -35°C and garaged at -40°C. The X61 variant, which is 75 metres long and has four cars, is operated in Sweden by Skånetrafiken, the regional public transport organisation in Scania.

As part of its strategic supplier partnership with Alstom, BFG International produced fully integrated toilet cabins for these trains. The toilet systems comprise internal polyethylene waste water tanks, a 2-litre greywater system, and EVAC vacuum toilet system. A contact moulding process was used to produce the parts, with a gel-coated finish for internal surfaces and painted finish for external surfaces. All parts comply with DIN 5510-2 fire safety regulations.